Tips for Success

Christmas light installation should not be a stressful endeavor. The reason you are considering hiring a professional is to relieve yourself of the burden. However, many home owners don’t breathe easy until the job is done and to their satisfaction. Here are a few simple tips we offer to make the experience as pleasant as possible.

Have a Written Agreement: As basic as this is, it is often overlooked in the rush of things. Having a solid business arrangement protects both parties and gives you a measure of comfort going forward. Stick to what you and your contractor have agreed upon. If you want to add items to the original contract, be willing to pay extra. Most installers will do a little extra work as a courtesy. Do not abuse this.

Know What You Want Before the Job Begins: The day of the job is not the time to deliberate over going with Icicle Lights or strands of C9 bulbs. If you have a particular look you’re going for, it helps to have a picture. Perform a Google Image Search and have a copy to give your installer ahead of time. Most jobs are not complicated. Even if you have a picture of what you want, it will not look exactly the same on your home – unless you have the exact same house, lights, decorations, etc. Be realistic with expectations. Most home owners enjoy being pleasantly surprised when they see the job progressing. Your home decorations will be unique. Enjoy it!

Ask Questions and Convey Expectations Before the Job: Discussing things before the start of the job will put both parties on the same page. There will be questions which arise during the course of the installation, certainly. This is just the nature of the work. However, all the main points and concerns should be worked out before the job begins.

Realize That Things Will Likely Change As the Job Progresses: This may appear to contradict the previous tip, but it really doesn’t. There are almost always unexpected things which will change the job. Be prepared to go to “Plan B”. Be realistic and understand that your installer really does want to give you the best outcome possible.

Don’t Haggle Over Money: Have a budget set for your Christmas light installation after getting estimates. Realize that you are dealing with skilled professionals and that there is a big difference in the results you will get from them. Installers have expenses and overhead just like any business. If you find prices are higher than expected, it’s because there is a demand for these lighting professionals. Feel good about handing the job off to them. They have incredibly busy schedules and a small window of time. Don’t waste their time arguing over prices.

Trust Your Installer: The entire reason for hiring a professional Christmas light installer is to let someone else do the work. Installers typically have years of experience and hundreds of jobs behind them. It’s okay to step out and check the progress from time to time, but hawking over them will set a negative tone. If you like how they have done something, let them know.

Be Good to Your Installers: A little common courtesy goes a long way and a little bit of kindness moves mountains. Ask if they need anything before and during the job. If it’s hot outside, ask if they have water. If it’s cold, offer to make coffee or hot chocolate.  If you have an extra bathroom, offer it to them if they need it. Ask if you can pick up burgers and fries for lunch. Yes, this is added effort on your part – but the good will you generate will make the job a positive experience. Installers will want to reciprocate and, in turn, go the extra mile for you.