Christmas Time Is Coming…Are You Ready?

At this writing, Christmas is a mere 3 months away. At home improvement stores, Halloween decorations are lining the shelves and Christmas items are waiting to be stocked. You can rest assured, November 1st will be the beginning of the season for retailers. So, are you ready? If not, here are a few tips to get you started.

Start Looking Now: Get an idea of what outdoor lighting design you’re looking for by doing a Google image search. By getting started now, you’ll have a better chance of finding the lights you want.

Put Together a Budget Ahead of Time: Start getting prices on lights, decorations, and accessories. Take measurements of the areas your home where you want lights installed and figure the quantities you’ll need to accomplish the job. If financial resources are limited, start putting money aside now for hiring a contractor.

Put Decorating on Your Schedule: We often think of decorating for Christmas as something we’ll “get around to”. With busy Holidays coming, you may not have as much leisure time as you think. It’s best to have specific times to put up decorations and take them down. At our house, my wife runs a tight ship with decorating. October 1st is Halloween season. November 1st, Halloween comes down and Thanksgiving goes up. And finally, the day after Thanksgiving is when those decorations come down and Christmas goes up. Believe it or not, December 26th – without fail – Christmas comes down. It all goes like clock work. Put decorating on a schedule and stick with it.

Schedule Appointments with Installers Now: You would not believe how busy Christmas light installers become practically overnight. Once their phones start ringing, they won’t stop until about the first week of December. As incredible as it sounds, some people can’t get installers until then. Remember, scheduling is a “first come, first served” basis. Get ahead of the crowd and schedule an appointment now!

Christmas is a time of celebration and family. Hiring professional installers will help keep things in perspective. Use these tips to help you make the most of the coming Holiday Season!

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    1. Great to hear, Richard! Thanks for sharing this with us. We’re always glad to know clients are being matched with the right professional Christmas Lights Installer.

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