Christmas Lights Are a State of Mind

In recent posts, we’ve covered how to deal with Holiday stress. In particular, we deal a lot with how to alleviate potential problems associated with installing Christmas lights. We thought it might be good to change the tone a little and show you how Christmas Lights are a “State of Mind”.

No doubt, you have seen Tropical Beach wallpapers on computer screens. Most often, there are tropical themed items such as a palm tree paper weight on the desk where that computer sits. The idea behind this is the “Tropical State of Mind” where life is easier and far less complicated, even if only for a moment during the day. The same can be said for Christmas lights.

Christmas Lights Installation in Houston Texas.
Christmas Lights Are a State of Mind.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, time spent with family and friends, and a point of reflection all wrapped into one Holiday. We often lose focus with the hustle and bustle of the season. Our spirit is dampened by the additional chores added to our daily lives during this hectic time. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. With just a little shift in your thinking, Christmas can be a joyous time – even with something as simple as Christmas Lights.

If you live in a neighborhood which participates in going all out for the season, you’re halfway there. The sense of community during this time of year is unequaled. Neighbors speak more to each other than usual. Differences are forgotten for a while. People go out of their way to reach out to others. And in an almost magical way, Christmas Lights are at the core of this amazing transformation.

At no other time does exterior lighting manifest such a sense of belonging to something greater. The term “synergy” is defined as the product being greater than the sum of its parts. When the majority of homes in a neighborhood are decorated for Christmas, residents and passersby are the benefactors.

When we were involved in installations, it always amazed us at how many elderly people were hiring us. People whose children and grandchildren lived great distances away and would see their family for a couple of days found Christmas Lights important. Perhaps the look on the faces of grandchildren was what made it worth their efforts.

Why do we light up our neighborhoods? Is it a “go along with the crowd” thing? If so, then the rewards will never live up to the time and energy spent. However, if we frame things differently, the rewards are endless.

Decorating for Christmas is your peace offering to the world. We extend goodwill to those around us and to those who are simply passing through. Surely at some point, you have driven out of your way to pass a home with decorations you found interesting. You may have even snapped a few pictures so you would have a memory. Those home owners made a small deposit into your life. When you decorate the outside of your home, you are doing the same for others. For a brief moment in time, you have caused someone to slow down and enjoy life. You have created a memory for them. You have offered a gift with one simple gesture. You have become a giver.

Take this opportunity to think about the upcoming Holiday. Think of how something as simple as installing Christmas Lights will lift your spirits. Contact one or more of the installation professionals listed on this site and let them help you go all out. This is a time for celebration and giving. The more you participate, the more you’ll want to do. And always remember, Christmas Lights are a state of mind.

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