Check List

So, you’ve hired a contractor and have a date scheduled. Now what? Not to worry. Our comprehensive Check List will insure that you are prepared.

What You Need Before the Job

  • Lights and Decorations – buy more than you think you’ll need
  • Plastic Clips – most will fit under shingles and over gutters
  • Long Extension Cords – Green: for blending into lawns
  • Short Extension Cords – Brown: for blending in against dark surfaces
  • Short Extension Cords – White: for blending in against light surfaces
  • Long Extension Cords with Multi Plug Ends
  • Short Extension Cords with Multi Plug Ends
  • Multi Plugs – Green: for joining extension cords in lawn
  • Timers – if you want to “set and forget” your lights
  • Duct Tape – you may want to purchase different colors to match your home
  • Clear Storage Bins – buy them at the same time as your lights, cords, clips, etc. and make sure all of these items will fit
  • Plastic Garbage Bags – to store individual light strands and decorations inside bins
  • Fast Ties – cinch these up around light strands and cords to keep tangling to a minimum
  • Electrical Tape – for covering frayed wiring…getting shocked is no fun, trust us!
  • A Written Agreement with Your Contractor – have it all in writing