Have You Booked Your Christmas Party Band Yet? Why You Should Do It NOW!

The rush is on! Whether we like it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. There will be company Christmas Parties, gatherings with family and friends, and a whole lot of shopping. With everything heading our way, it’s sometimes easy to forget to plan ahead….which leads to the question, “Have you hired your Christmas Party Band yet?” Although it’s just now early October, now is the right time to move on it. Why? Glad you asked. Here are some very good reasons…

Limited Availability
Your Christmas Party will most likely occur on a weekend…and so will everyone else’s! There are 5 weekends in December 2016. Let’s break it down. If you count a weekend as 3 days – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – you have 15 days. However, there are some flaws with this way of thinking.

Fridays can work, but most people really don’t want to come back to the office on the last day of their work week. Attendance at the company Christmas Party can suffer if held on a Friday. Sunday? Not the most popular day for a company Christmas Party. People typically either want to spend time with family or rest up for the coming week.

So, if you eliminate Fridays and Sundays you are left with 5 days in December. There are over 6 million people in Houston and the surrounding areas. There are a finite number of bands geared toward holiday parties. The odds are stacking up against you now. By moving on things now, you shift the odds back in your favor.

Limited Selection
Imagine this scenario…

You’ve waited, for whatever reason, but now you’re finally ready to hire a Christmas Party Band. You start making inquiries to the Houston bands that you like, only to find that the really good ones are already booked. Now you’re left with a limited selection of bands. You’re looking at groups which did not impress you just to have some kind of live entertainment. Booking your Christmas Party Band now, you have a wider array of acts from which to choose.

Limited Resources
Plainly stated, the closer December gets the less time and finances there will be. If live entertainment at your Christmas Party is a top priority, you should start your planning there. Things will always pop up which will take time and money out of you. By booking a Christmas Party Band now, you won’t be stressed later. You’ll be able to have discussions with the band representative about what you want, easing the pressure immensely.

If you have been putting it off, book your Christmas Party Band now. Start with one of Houston’s Best Christmas Party Bands, Black Tie Affair. The group continues to receive great reviews on Yelp and is gaining in popularity in the Houston area. Be sure to have all the details about your event. The band’s website has all the contact information, as well as a Contact Page with an easy form. Your inquiry will be answered quickly and the group will most definitely help make your Christmas Party a success.